Naturally By Bertil Nilsson






With their muscles flexed to the limit, still frozen forms are enshrouded in nothing more than a few puffs of vivid pigment or contrasting paint. Although it may seem that the performance is about to begin at any second, or, in some images, it might have just reached its cathartic finale, the absent audience is an element that is impossible to ignore.

In ‘Naturally’, his recent and ongoing series encompassing these dramatic images, Swedish-born photographer Bertil Nilsson has abandoned the usual theatre environment with its well-known, customary stage boards and has instead, placed his subjects against a more unusual and scenic backdrop that is an unspoilt natural habitat. The models, all of whom are professional dancers, appear to have been somewhat misplaced and inserted into the idyllic landscapes while their twisting, balancing coloured silhouettes, some caught-mid-air, amplify the stark juxtaposition of tense human form and its peaceful, still surroundings.

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