TOMOO GOKITA: 11 January to 1 March 2014 (MARY BOONE GALLERY)


745 FIFTH AVENUE NEW YORK, NY 10151. 212.752.2929

On 11 January 2014, Mary Boone Gallery will open at its Chelsea location an exhibition
of new paintings by TOMOO GOKITA.

With a lifelong practice of drawing, professional experience in graphic design, and early
success in creating newsprint books, Tomoo Gokita began around 2005 to create works
on canvas that demonstrated his virtuosity with tonal range. For the current show, in
paintings of varying sizes, he presents dazzling possibilities for black and white. Velvety
matte black gouache contrasts with pristine white gesso. Smears, scrapes, scumbles,
and drips introduce every texture, character, and gradation of gray. The paintings have
the restraining effect of Photostats of very colorful suaughter of a Fraudster

Tomoo Gokita was born in 1969 in Tokyo, Japan, where he continues to live and work.
This will be his first show with Mary Boone Gallery

The exhibition, at 541 West 24 Street, will run through 1 March 2014.
For additional information, please contact Ron Warren at the Gallery, or
visit our website

detail3 Replicant Marilyn

detail5 Geisha Girl

detail2 Captive Bunny

gokita-detail-5 Flower Arrangement