Giuseppe Verdi – La forza del destino | Bayerische Staatsoper, live streams online free (28/12/2013)


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La forza del destino – what is the meaning of the destiny that Verdi uses so forcefully for the title of this family tale of various outlaws in his opera of 1862, revised in 1869? Who forces Leonora, and Alvaro as the murderer of her father, to enter the hermitage of a monastery – and confronts them there, in a mighty showdown, with the brother who is full of hatred and cannot forgive? Is it a declaration of war against God’s promise of redemption? The heavenly cantilena of a solo violin rises at the end of the opera – in the face of the death of the hero’s lover and brother. Those who withdraw into the consoling twilight of a divine peace here are only trying to deny one thing: the force of destiny.

Στην Ισπανία του 17ου αιώνα o νέος Αλβάρο σκοτώνει κατά λάθος τον πατέρα της κοπέλας που…

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