Katerina Bodrunova








In her own words, the photographer does not feel defined by reality but likes to create her own reality, unfettered by the rules and boundaries of the natural world, but inspired by travel, film, study, art and life. Once an idea is conceived, she imagines how to film it. Her works are the result of challenging, meticulous staging in which the human art subject is plunged into water, bodies are hooked onto wires, suspended in motion, or flying on trees. «When I (create), it’s like I am drawing, with people…human bodies could be art or as themselves…». She explains, «Sometimes we change the space around us to fit our ideas and sometimes space, place, or time dictates their rules. We can fight or we can embrace, the choice is ours.»

Her work has a beautiful ethereal dreamlike quality, informed by Surrealism and art and invites us not only to think about our physical and social world but also to take that world into extraordinary dimensions.

A writer and fellow photographer, Peter Maeck said: «In all her pictures there is a bursting sense of robust, fluid motion but also the unmistakable sensation of being trapped in place: it’s the kinetic at war with (or perhaps in concert with?) the static. The result is a stupendous visual, emotional, and physical state of high dramatic tension.»

Katerina has exhibited in Europe and the USA and her photography appears in private collections across France, Italy, USA, Russia and Germany.

A perfect weekend is: the weekend that never ends. (via http://modernartetc.com)