Daniel Edlen


Daniel Edlen,is an artist, who paints Vinyl Art, portraits of musicians on vinyl records made by them.


As he writes on his bio: My dad got me into music, playing his records for me. My mom volunteered at the local library, running their booksales. Records were donated, but wouldn't sell. So I got them. I'd learned to draw and paint at the Brentwood Art Center. I had the idea in a high school art class to draw with white pencil on black paper. Then, because I had more than one copy of records by people I liked, I came up with the idea to paint them on the records. I did about 10 at that time.


And he goes on: Music has always been a big part of my identity. It’s an important language along with words and images to communicate with the rest of humanity. Think about what your parents sang to you as a baby, what you and your friends danced to after school, what stirs your emotions at weddings or sports games… even what you might have playing in the background now.

John Lennon

Seeing the Music is something he wrote on his blog http://vinylart.blogspot.gr/:
«If only we could pull out our brain and use only our eyes.» – Pablo Picasso

The way I conceive it, art only happens when we do what Picasso is talking about. When we flow in the moment without our brain filtering and simply allow whatever is supposed to come out to do so.

When you lose track of time, you’ve found your art. When you find what enables that loss, you’ve found your connection to your art.

For me, music is my connection. It’s sort of like meditation, not thinking about each dab of the brush, simply seeing the light and dark. Seeing the music.