What, actually, lies ahead? We are running out of time. We are told that we need to make changes. And all these changes have to be done at an unprecedented pace. We are told that we have to live by different rules, and for this to be made possible, we need minimum consensus. It is true that human nature is flexible, but, it is imperative, that it needs time to adapt, as well. Consensus in not something you reach on demand, you have to work hard on it. People must be persuaded that changes are to their own best interest, and will better their entire way of life. If this process fails conflict will rise, without certainty to where it will lead. And this is, exactly, what we witnness happening in Greece right now – in other European countries,too. All this «unrest» points towards one direction: not all believe that changes demanded are ensuring a better future, and even worse, a great number of people do not, even, see a future.